Oskari's QuickStart Tutorial

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Oskari's QuickStart Tutorial

Standard tracker keyboard mapping

Here are the basic steps to create your first tune with Buzz!

  1. Press F3 (Machine View) and right-click onto the background! You have to create some new machines.
    Choose Jeskola Bass 2 from New -> Generator -> Synthesis -> Bassline and Jeskola Delay from New -> Effect -> Delay.
  2. With Shift-LeftMouse link your Bass 2 machine to the output (Master).
    Do the same with the Delay machine. At last link your Bass 2 to the Delay. Got it?
  3. Press F2 (Pattern View) and take a look at the pull-down-menus at the top of the screen.
    Choose with your mouse (or with Ctrl-Up/Down) the Bass 2 machine.
  4. Enter some notes into the 6th column!
    The keys are mapped in the same way as in other trackers. (See image on the right)
    At the bottom of the screen you can always find some info.
  5. Press F4. (Sequencer View) Now we'll tell to the Buzz which pattern should be played.
    Press '0' for entering your first pattern into the first line. (With Ctrl-E and Ctrl-B you can set the end and the begin of the loop. Otherwise only the first line will be played again and again...)
  6. Press F5 and listen! Your first tune is ready!
    I hope you like it!

Now play a bit with your first song! Press F3 and right-click with the RightMouse onto the Bass machine. Choose Parameters and learn more about the machine you used!

If you have questions feel free to visit #buzz on EFNet. (If the link doesn't work for you, choose another EFNet server to access the chat). Help is available by pressing F1. Visit http://www.buzzmachines.com for updates, reviews and more.