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MixIO is a native Buzz machine written by Antonio "Unz" Mazzitelli from the music label Out Of Obscure. It uses Buzz' newer multi IO architecture and offers the user to dynamically add as many channels as he likes.

Each channel has a large graphical level indicator with both peak and RMS, and each channel offers gain, pan, stereo width, mute, solo and volume - all with inertia to prevent clicks. The linearity of the volume levers and graphical display can be adjusted between several industry standards, and has correct indication of dB.

The mixer is quite optimized so adding many channels should not pose a problem on a modern PC.


If you want the VU meter mode to default to x^3 on start-up, you can edit Gear/gear.xml and insert this section in the <Gear> section:

  <Machine Name="mixIO">
    <Attribute Key="VU Mode" Value="4"/>