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Mars - A distortion effect by Joachim


   0: Bypass
   Does nothing. Good for comparing what you did to the original.
   1: Red crust (based on square root and more)
   A soft mooshy kind of distortion that leaves the bass round and and fat.
   2: Phobos (based on sinus and more)
   Phat crushing machine. Adds some agression and edge.
   3: Deimos (based on inverse tangens and more)
   The heavy deep plunge into round warm distortion, but not as bass emphasising as Red crust.
   4: Cratered (a simple tube simulation)
   Flat hard and aggressive. This one squashes the bass end a lot more than the first three types.
   5: God of iron (another simple tube simulation)
   Similar to Cratered, but less aggressive. Amount is simply mix between clean and distorted.
   6: Battle axe (resembles ring modulation)
   Creates strange ringy overtones and also adds muffling. Then clipping is applied.
   7: Scarred (a more sublte but correct tube simulation)
   The effects of this algorithm are not easily heard, but this should resemble what happens in tube electronics a lot more than Cratered.
   8: Bruised (aggressive wave squash)
   Even wilder than Cratered, and this one switches the lowpass filter into "muffled" mode.
   9: Rusty (based on inverse tangens and more)
   Resembles Deimos, but a slightly different and possibly more clean algorithm.
   10: Steel pain (sinus)
   Quite a simple formula, but the effect is drastic. Deep bass curls up in agony, and the effect resembles FM modulation a bit. Notice that PreGain and Amount have the same effect with this algorithm. 


Here you can adjust the volume of the signal before it enters the distortion.


The intensity of the distortion effect itself. This parameter has a slightly different depending on what mode you are using.


Treble attenuator. When set to 0 it is disabled. Works slightly differently when using the "Bruised" mode.


Bass attenuator highpass filter. When set to 0 it is disabled and uses less CPU.