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This is a list of the machines that cause buzz to become unstable - even if you don't use them in your songs. They should be completely removed from your Buzz install.

  • 11-MidiCCout.dll

Blacklisted in gear.xml

These are machines Oskari has marked by default as they conflict with the buzz builds from 2008 onwards.

  • CyanPhase Buzz OverLoader
  • CyanPhase DX Instrument Adapter
  • CyanPhase DX Effect Adapter
  • CyanPhase DMO Effect Adapter
  • 11-MidiCCout

Blacklisted in Buzé

These machines cause problems in Buzé, some may also cause problems in buzz, let's go through Buzé's blacklist, my comments are in itallics, edit if you know better.

These are unstable/unusable:


I have heard of people having problems with Argüelles machines in Buzz, but the others should be fine..?

Crashes on startup:


Also blacklisted in Buzz's gear.xml

The mono versions of these need a patch to run, so their stereo-wrapped counterparts are unusable:

Note you can download fixed versions of these in from the Buze website.


The patches of these are only needed for Buzé and they should be fine in Buzz as far as I know...

Makes no sound and does nothing useful in libzzub anyway:


This is only for overloader extended output and no use in Buzz builds from 2008 and on. If using Buzz 1.2b (Oct 2000 version) theres no problem using this

Cannot be used with libzzub and have been replaced by Audio Input and Audio Output:


Polac's ASIO in/out/shake-it-all-abouts are the best input/output machines in Buzz for those of us with ASIO drivers