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When using Buzz with external MIDI devices, it is best to use ASIO such as Polac's package, which we will use as the example on this page. WaveOut has too much latency, and will cause MIDI and Buzz to be out of synchronization.

Setting up Buzz for MIDI

  1. Go into Preferences and choose the "Polac ASIO" driver on the "Wave Output" tab.
  2. Click "OK" then go back into Preferences and configure Polac ASIO.
  3. Set the MIDI drop-down to to the desired MIDI device and Close Polac ASIO again.
  4. Go to the "MIDI input" tab and choose your desired MIDI input device. On this page you can also set up all your external knobs if you have MIDI controllers you wish to use to automate stuff.
  5. Go to the "MIDI output" tab and choose your desired MIDI output device(s).

Recording notes from an external MIDI keyboard

  1. In order to record notes, you must use Polac's VST wrapper, as this will record MIDI with the greatest precision and detail.
  2. Create an empty pattern (or several ones in a row) and set them up
  3. Place yourself at the start of the song and press F6 and F7 quickly after each other. Now you're recording.
  4. Keep the UI of the VST synth open while recording, or the MIDI keyboard won't be active.

Playing notes to an external MIDI keyboard

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Assigning a MIDI controller to a parameter

Simply right-click any parameter in a native Buzz effect or generator, and select "Bind to MIDI controller" / and then the name you gave the knob(s) on your external MIDI controller. If you don't see any, you didn't complete all of the configuration above.

Sending control changes to a MIDI device

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