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|[http://buzz.robotplanet.dk/ http://buzz.robotplanet.dk/]
|[http://buzz.robotplanet.dk/ http://buzz.robotplanet.dk/]
|Buzz Plug-Ins also known as the new buzzmachines site
|Buzz Plug-Ins also known as the new buzzmachines site
|[https://www7.atwiki.jp/buzzusers/ https://www7.atwiki.jp/buzzusers/]
|The japanese buzz wiki ''(as of Nov. 2016 - this link appears to not be permanent)''
|[http://www.trackerwiki.org/ http://www.trackerwiki.org/]
|[http://www.trackerwiki.org/ http://www.trackerwiki.org/]
|Tracker Wiki
|Tracker Wiki

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Jeskola Buzz is a closed source freeware modular software music studio environment centered around a modular plugin-based machine view and a multiple pattern sequencer tracker (as opposed to a single pattern sequencer tracker).

An Installer for the latest version can be found at http://jeskola.net/buzz/. Read the changelog for recent updates.

This page is an attempt to maintain proper documentation for the latest version of Buzz. It is a non-profit collaboration between various people in the Buzz community.

Main sections

Section Description


  The Program.


  How to apply common production techniques in Buzz.


  How to build machines etc.

Buzz Developers

  Developers that have contributed to Buzz over the years, with links to their machines.


  The scene around Buzz.

Legend of Buzz Wiki

Symbol Meaning.
Glossary   Glossary entries will lead you to the glossary entry.
Shortcut   Shortcuts are useful Buzz key combinations.

ToDo: To Do List

  Category:To Do List this is where you can come in action.
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  Awesome fact's you must know.

Editing this wiki

Everyone can contribute to this wiki, but because we are receiving the full brunt of the spam bot army, you'll need to contact me, JoaCHIP on EFnet or IRCnet to get a login. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Also, if you plan to make edits, please read Help:Contents first.
Check out the current To Do List to ask for additional help on expanding articles or see which articles need your help.

Related sites

http://jeskola.net/buzz/ Buzz download site
http://buzz.robotplanet.dk/ Buzz Plug-Ins also known as the new buzzmachines site
https://www7.atwiki.jp/buzzusers/ The japanese buzz wiki (as of Nov. 2016 - this link appears to not be permanent)
http://www.trackerwiki.org/ Tracker Wiki