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Editing this wiki

Everyone can contribute to this wiki, but because we are receiving the full brunt of the spam bot army, you'll need to contact me, JoaCHIP on EFnet or IRCnet to get a login. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Also, if you plan to make edits, please read Help:Contents first.
Check out the current To Do List to ask for additional help on expanding articles or see which articles need your help.

Writing guidelines

Generally try to conform to the way writes their stuff. People are used to this format, and it seems to work well.

  • Titles should not be in all uppercase. Use the == Bla bla == and === Bla bla bla === format to make your titles bigger.
  • Dupe-check: Please read and/or search through the wiki thoroughly before you start to make edits, in order to make sure you are not duplicating something and to learn where you should link to in your edits.
  • When linking to stuff, please check that what you are linking to is spelled in the same way, instead of linking to an empty article.
  • Please try to spell as well as you can, or have someone check your changes if you're uncertain whether they make sense or not.
  • Format code using the <pre> ... </pre> tags.
  • Please use gif or png for screenshots and jpeg for images with smooth gradients.
  • Please try not to write in "I bla bla" or "We bla bla" form. Again, please conform to the way is written.
  • On Talk pages please use ~~~~ at the end of your posts as a signature, and you can indent your answers by starting the line with one or several : colons.
  • Bug reports will simply be removed. This wiki is a documentation effort.
  • When about to make large and/or subjective edits, please consider visiting the IRC chatroom[1] to talk them through with the other people involved in the development of this wiki.

Buzz Wiki editing - Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Buzz Wiki autors and editors.


As a wiki autor/editor, you may need to create some screenshots, to put them into your article. There exist some tools, which may help you, to do some suitable screenshots. It can make screenshots of a selected area and name screenshots automaticaly by what you like. This makes screenshots of an area or window elements as toolbars or parts of an window or toolwindow, and you can draw and write some arrows and what you like directly onto the screenshot.



{{awesomefact|text=This is a fact!}}

Big Button

<span class="bigbutton">[[Jeskola Buzz Wiki]]</span>

Jeskola Buzz Wiki


Use the inline BuzzWiki template to mark mouse and keyboard commands and to help the reader's



Hit {{Key|Ctrl + Alt + Del + Any-Key}} to get a break.}}

Hit Ctrl + Alt + Del + Any-Key to get a break.

A list with comeon Key names is located at Category:Shortcut#Additional Information



{| class="wikitable sortable"
|+ Sortable table
! scope="col" | Alphabetic 
! scope="col" | Numeric
! scope="col" | Date
! scope="col" class="unsortable" | Unsortable
| d || 20 || 2008-11-24 || This 
| b || 8 || 2004-03-01 || column 
| a || 6 || 1979-07-23 || cannot 
| c || 4 || 1492-12-08 || be 
| e || 0 || 1601-08-13 || sorted.
Sortable table
Alphabetic Numeric Date Unsortable
d 20 2008-11-24 This
b 8 2004-03-01 column
a 6 1979-07-23 cannot
c 4 1492-12-08 be
e 0 1601-08-13 sorted.

Floating right

{| class="wikitable" style="float:right; margin-left: 10px;" 
| Orange 
| Apple 
| Bread 
| Pie 
| Butter 
| Ice cream 
Orange Apple
Bread Pie
Butter Ice cream

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[[Site Name]]
[[:Category Name]]


[???://???/ Link Name]