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Is Buzz Multi-Platform?

The current build of Jeskola Buzz reportedly runs on:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Who is developing Buzz?

Oskari Tammelin (of Finland) is the main developer from Buzz, while the machines and support is provided by a growing community of fanatics spread across the entire world.

I just Downloaded Buzz, and its not making any noise?!

The first step to Buzzing, is to setup your "Waveout" device in "View/Preferences/Wave Out". See Configuring Buzz

Is Buzz Open-Source?

No. The main development and binaries of Buzz are handled by Oskari, although all information you need to develop machines is standard installed with Buzz, and available to all.

Does Buzz Support MIDI?

Yes. In two different ways. First, after configuring your MIDI input settings, you can play and record notes just like with other MIDI-supporting software. This is accomplished by the machines itsself. Not all machines support MIDI-in, but more recent ones do. Second, the Buzz core supports audio parameter control via MIDI Continuos Controllers (the knobs found on most MIDI synths). While this does not sound powerful at first, it is. It gives users physical access to thousands of parameters for hundreds of machines.

What native file Formats does Buzz Use/Accept?

The native song file format of Buzz is .BMX. This file contains a machine layout, patterns, sequence, and all samples associated with one song. A .BMW is the same file, without the embedded samples. For Samples, Buzz accepts all standard Windows .WAV files, and for Instruments, Buzz accepts .XI multi-samples Fast Tracker Files. While the Buzz machines too could be considered media files, they all retain the generic .DLL extension. For machine presets, Buzz uses a proprietary .PRS file. Lastly, the HDD recorder in Buzz writes 16bit (integer) or 32bit (float) Stereo .WAV Files.

Does Buzz support VST plugins and soundfonts?

Yes, see here for Polac VST(i). Use Jeskola XS-1 to load standard .SF2 multi-sampled Sound Fonts.

Does Buzz work in Wine?

Reports have confirmed that Buzz is nearly functional (although not officially tested) to function under Wine. There are of course, a few unfunctional areas (such as the CPU Monitor which will attempt to fool you into thinking your entire song is wasting 4% of your CPU).

Is it hard to switch from IT to Buzz?

Not with this overly informative Converting from Impulse Tracker to Buzz document written by Skaven.

What do I get for Registering?

Besides your name in the Buzz About Box, you'll have the warm feeling in your heart knowing that you've helped Oskari buy yet another bottle of cheap Finnish liquor.

Buzz crashes and is unstable

Some machines cause Buzz to become unstable just by being there. You should remove the machines that are known to be unstable. See the machine blacklist.