Essential Machines

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A collection of machines suggested by experiences Buzz users, that don't come bundled with the installer and that are generally accepted to be the best-of-breed (or at least way above average, or somehow unique) and stable:



  • FireSledge ParamEQ Source
  • Cheapo Amp
  • ChannelStrip Gives you a gain machine, HP/LP filters, EQ, denoiser, a good compressor and panning in one machine.
  • Fuzzpilz Unwieldy delay is slightly more confusing to use than FSM PanzDelay, but supports 96 khz samplerate.
  • LarsHa FunkyVerb is one of the two best native Buzz reverbs. It is not quite the same quality as the better commercial VSTs, but still quite useful and low on CPU.
  • Mars distortion is quite useful.
  • PowerPan Buzz now has equal power panning too, but PowerPan is still useful if you need to adjust the stereo spread and use psycho-acoustic panning.


  • Polac VST gives you a superb VST wrapper and ASIO drivers.