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* [[A "Small" Guide on Making An Effect for Buzz]]
* [[A "Small" Guide on Making An Effect for Buzz]]
* [http://www.buzzmachines.com/machineprogrammingmistakes.php Frequent mistakes of machine programming]
* [http://www.buzzmachines.com/machineprogrammingmistakes.php Frequent mistakes of machine programming]
* [http://www.robotplanet.dk/audio/audio_gui_design/ More frequent mistakes of machine programming, GUI specific]
* [http://www.robotplanet.dk/audio/audio_gui_design/ Linear or logaritmic?] - How meters, frequency sliders, volume sliders and FFT read-outs should work.
== Open Source Machines ==
== Open Source Machines ==

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Buzz allows the development & use of several types of external plugins:

Guides and Tutorials

An old but informative effects programming guide by Cyanphase and Mikko Apo. Its probably little bit outdated but lets update it!

Open Source Machines

Already at sourceforge:

  • Matilde Tracker [1]
  • btdsys machines [2] (the files section only lists peerscale but in fact almost all his machines are in the CVS)
  • mimo miXo [3] (does this work in new buzz?)

Spread around the net:

  • Sources for various Generators, Effects and more collected by Cyanphase [4]

Let's try to get all of the machines where source is available up at sourceforge (if the authors agree that is). SineSynth and PatternXP might be good examples. http://www.buzztard.org/index.php/BuzzMachineSources [Previous efforts to contact authors]

Other code snippets and useful stuff

Useful literature

  • Any books on C/C++
  • Any books on assembly/mmx/sse
  • The Computer Music Tutorial by Curtis Roads. Contains an overview of most of the currently available synthesis techniques and their uses.

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