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== Other code snippets and useful stuff ==
== Other code snippets and useful stuff ==
* [[MIDI_Recording_Example]]
* [[Adding skins to your machines]]
[[Adding skins to your machines]]
* [[Old BuzzDev Answers]]
[[Old BuzzDev Answers]]
== Useful literature ==
== Useful literature ==

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Buzz allows the development & use of several types of external plugins:
Developing Generators
Developing Effects
Developing Peer-controllers
Developing Pattern editors
Developing Wave-output drivers

Guides and Tutorials

An old but informative effects programming guide by Cyanphase and Mikko Apo. Its probably little bit outdated but lets update it!

Open Source Machines

Already at sourceforge:

  • Matilde Tracker [1]
  • btdsys machines [2] (the files section only lists peerscale but in fact almost all his machines are in the CVS)
  • mimo miXo [3] (does this work in new buzz?)

Spread around the net:

  • Sources for various Generators, Effects and more collected by Cyanphase [4]

Let's try to get all of the machines where source is available up at sourceforge (if the authors agree that is). SineSynth and PatternXP might be good examples. http://www.buzztard.org/index.php/BuzzMachineSources [Previous efforts to contact authors]

Other code snippets and useful stuff

Useful literature

Any books on C/C++
Any books on assembly/mmx/sse
The Computer Music Tutorial by Curtis Roads. Contains an overview of most of the currently available synthesis techniques and their uses.

External links

MusicDSP.org A large collection of useful DSP code. (filters/effects/synthesis)
in4k.untergrund.net in4k has a nice section on writing small synths for use in demo/intro projects.
Julius Orion Smith III has lots of coursematerial + publications online that deal with mathematical fundamentals of DSP
Joachim's Buzz development checklist - a few things you should test before releasing a buzz machine.