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Things related to the new Buzz Manual

Welcome to the Buzz Manual! This document contains all the necessary information you need to use Buzz successfully.


Installation Installing the latest version (and upgrading from previous versions)
Quickstart Tutorial to get you started with the basic concepts of Buzz
Configuring Buzz Explains all Preferences, Options and other settings of Buzz


Symbol Manual Key Description
Overview Get a short overview in Buzz.
Feature list Read about the new features, awaiting you, in Buzz.
Toolbar F2 Pattern View.png Pattern View F2 Where you write musical patterns for the loaded machines.
Toolbar F3 Machine View.png Machine View F3 Where you add and connect you'r machines to the master output device.
Toolbar F4 Sequence View.png Sequence View F4 Where you sort and order you'r patterns into a own buzz-track.
Toolbar F9 Wavetable.png Wavetable F9 Where you load you'r wave samples into.
Toolbar F10 Blah Blah.png Text Window F10 Where you can make blah blah.
Other Windows CPU Monitor, Debug Console, Hard Disk Recorder etc.
Shortcuts Shortcuts are hotkeys to control Buzz by different keys on you'r keyboard.
Machine Presets How to use machine presets to keep your machine settings.

Further information

Tips & Tricks

MIDI in Buzz

Essential Machines: It's recommended you use these machines. They are generally high-quality, tested and stable. Feel confident to use them in all your work. Currently (as of 29-07-2009), these machines are not included with the installer. You will need to download them from the links provided.

Machine blacklist: Buzz was a pioneer in the use of third-party plug-ins. Over the years, many developers and coders have contributed to the wealth of effects and generators we have today. Unfortunately, a few are flawed, buggy or just not up to the expected level of quality. Certain buggy machines can cause Buzz to slow down, glitch, or even crash. They must not be used by novice users. Experienced users should know better!

Converting from Impulse Tracker


History of Buzz