Buzz plug-in database API

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The idea is to be able to provide a complete list of machines with relevant information about these, such as name, version, release date, previous versions etc. The list could be retrieved by Buzz itself or 3rd party extensions, and used to construct menus, populate plug-in search results and auto completion mechanisms and such. Being a web based API, responsiveness cannot be guaranteed, and any delays or missing network connection must not affect the performance of Buzz. Because of this, any requests to the server should be either asynchronious and optional or something that only happens on demand.


  • The API is valid XML with utf-8 encoding, in order to support a wide range of special characters and ensure maximum portability
  • The API returns the current up-to-date information about what is available on the website.
  • The first versions of the API will be read-only in order to keep development at a reasonable level, and reduce the risk of invalid data in the database.
  • Various versions of a machine are grouped, so that two versions of one machine can be identified as such.