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Jeskola Buzz is a modular software music studio environment consisting of a plugin architecture that allows the audio to be routed from one plugin to another, in many ways similar to how cables carry an audio signal between physical pieces of hardware. These are the features that are available in Buzz assuming the set of plug-ins and extensions typically distributed along with Buzz is also present.

Core features:

  • 32 bit internal audio processing
  • Full VST support
  • Multi-threading support
  • Midi support
  • Powerful multi tracker interface with special features as.. (random, interpolation, xxxxx)
  • Both horizontal and vertical sequencer view
  • Support for advanced peer control and automation, by the use of peer control machines that controls other machines
  • Hundreds of free machines available (instruments and effects)
  • Built in wave editor with many features (work in progress)
  • Delay compensation for xxxxxxxx (elaborate)
  • Template support (Custom selection of machines & patterns can easily be imported to another bmx)

Machine view features:

  • Panning on machine connections
  • Machine connection volume sliders supports up to +12 dB
  • +3dB on PAN (power pan)
  • Volume and panning for each machine connection
  • Group select for machines (move/copy/cut/paste)
  • Quick insert effect in machine chain
  • Support for multiple machine solo's and muting (as with a real mixer)
  • Support for one click bypass effects in chain
  • Tap tempo

HDD recorder features:

  • Both 16 and 24 bit wave recording
  • Support for "faster than realtime rendering"
  • Supports up to 192 kHz wav

Wavetable features:

  • Support .wav, .aif?, xi?? <-- Check
  • Copy/paste
  • Mute wave
  • Phase invert
  • ADSR
  • Adjustment of sample frequency

Wave editor features:

  • Copy / Cut /Paste
  • Reverse
  • Normalize
  • Zoom
  • Set loop (normal / ping pong)
  • Hot-keys based on Soundforge's mapping