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96000 is slowly becoming a more wide-spread [samplerate]. Just as the audio CD caused the 44100 Hz samplerate to become very wide-spread, this rate is slowly becoming the next big standard in pro audio equipment and, perhaps in due time also in HiFi circles.

Buzz is fully capable of running at high samplerates such as 88200, 96000 and 192000 Hz. Some of the available generators and effects, namely older ones, do not handle these rates entirely correctly. Switching samplerate of an existing .bmx typically requires some manual compensation, especially if such old machines were used.

Compatible machines

In order to really be "96 KHz compatible" a machine must meet the following criteria:

  • Switching between 44100 and 96000 hz should not change the behaviour of the machine more than a few percent.
  • Generators must still produce the same (correct) notes no matter the samplerate chosen.
  • Filter frequencies and ADSR curve timings should stay at the same frequency despite changing samplerate.

List of 96000 Hz compatible Buzz machines

  • Joachim Mars
  • Joachim ChannelStrip

List of 96000 Hz incompatible Buzz machines

  • Arguelles TB4004