Using the wavetable

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The basic steps

  • Get a sample. (your parameter should be of type "wave" to ensure its always within range of the wavetable slot-count)
  • If it doesnt exist, stop.
  • Get a level for a specific pitch with GetNearestWaveLevel() (this is an important step. Multisamples are rare, but users -might- use separate samples for different keys on the keyboard.)
  • If it doesnt exist, stop.
  • Check the sample-format.
  • Cast/convert to the format you need, making sure you dont go past the end of the bufferlength stored in the level.

Notes on using samples from the wavetable

  • ALWAYS check in mi::work() to see if the sample-layer you are using still exists! The user might have unloaded/reloaded a waveform! There is no notification to the plugin of this at the moment.