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Buzz changed my life. Really. Before Buzz I was more in graphic and design stuff. Since I discover that music was made for me or that I was made for music. All my production can be found at BuzzTunes, unfortunately after a crash of the hosting computer a lot of files were lost. Now there is like 130 of my files online. I had something like 350/400 files (or maybe more...) before. I like to share bmx and not only mp3. This is a good way to help other buzzers to understand Buzz. We have done some mythic jam/remix at buzzmusic with mythic people like th0ke, Shytan, monoton, nool, schröder, vacuum, jennyrave, guitmic and more. I am still working on an album including all of my themes that have been remixed or used to jam. This album will contains both bmx and mp3 and will be free, of course ;)