Understanding Bars in the Sequence Editor

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A bar in the Sequence Editor simply represents an amount of ticks, and a tick matches in time to a row of the Pattern Editor. The amount of ticks (pattern rows) per bar is indicated in the Sequence Editor Tool Bar, located just above the sequence window itself, as shown below.


In this instance, a visible bar is equal to 16 pattern rows (ticks). This means that a pattern (indicated by name) placed in a column, would take 16 pattern rows to scroll through this one bar.

A bar may be equal from anywhere between 1 and 256 pattern rows, allowing you to view entire songs or pieces of songs in one screen, rather then endless screens.

Note: when you change the step value from for example 16 to 12, all the patterns that are placed in the sequence on places other than 0, 12, 24, 36, 48, etc. (amounts of ticks), will not be displayed anymore. To get them back on your screen, change the step value back to 16.