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A Template is simply a saved Buzz file (BMX) which may be merged into another Buzz file. Any Buzz song may be saved as a template, and recalled at any time.

Templates are a useful way to save interesting "machine setups" so that they may be recalled and used in other songs. This lets you build much more complex custom synths and effects out of existing machines, and save them for later use. For example, if you had a Synth feeding into a delay and a reverb to produce a very "wet" sounding synth, you could save this "setup" as a template for later use.

Another use for a template is to save a melody or audio-bite in order to import it into another song. Since templates import both Patterns and Sequence Tracks, this is easily possible.

Remember that a Template may include as many machines as you wish, but realise that, when loaded, they will initially appear in a "pile", with the last-most machine showing on top. They may then be moved and reordered in any way. Due to this, Templates should be kept down to as few machines as possible.

Important: Currently some machines experience problems when recalling samples. It is a good practice not to rely on Templates to import sample sets into songs. It's a good idea to save songs without samples/waves (.BMW format), when you want to use them as a template.

Loading Templates

One of the most useful features of templates, is the ability to access them from your Add Machine pop-up menu. To load a template, simply right-click anywhere on the Machine Editor, and select the Template of your choice from Templates located on the "New"-menu. Of course you must have saved or downloaded some templates before.

The other way to load a template is to select "Import Song" from the first pop-up screen, when right-clicking on the pattern editor.

Saving Templates

Saving templates is extremely easy, since in fact a template is nothing more then a song. Therefore, save a template just as you would any song. The one difference is that Buzz provides one specific location which templates may be accessed from the "new machine" pop-up menu. This location is:


All Buzz song files located in this directory will be available from the Add machine pop-up menu in the Machine Editor.