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This is a Key Shortcut template to mark and list keyboard, mouse and what ever Shortcuts.


This is a test template to test stuff, but also to use it as a template for any thing. Now, go on...



... blah {{Key|KEY + KEY}} blah ...

Paragaph start

If it breaks a paragraph (looks like a PRE taged box), try to use a space character at the begining of the line.

'' '' {{Key|KEY}} blah ...
... blah.


The template

Template start vvv:

Template end ^^^:

The Example

This is an Example describing the Alt + Ctrl + Delete + Enter key combo:

Alt + Ctrl + Delete + Enter blah ... ... blah.

See Also

Additional infoormation.

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Known Bugs

List of known problems and workarounds.

Known Bugs
Rroblem Solution Links
At the beginning of a paragraph it turns into a PRE taged box. Fix this with an empty leading space. Template:Key
none - -