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Jeskola Buzz is a closed source freeware modular software music studio environment centered around a modular plugin-based machine view and a multiple pattern sequencer tracker (as opposed to a single pattern sequencer tracker).

An Installer for the latest version can be found at http://jeskola.net/buzz/. Read the changelog for recent updates.

This page is an attempt to maintain proper documentation for the latest version of Buzz. It is a non-profit collaboration between various people in the Buzz community.

Main sections

Section Description


  The Program.


  How to apply common production techniques in Buzz.


  How to build machines etc.

Buzz Developers

  Developers that have contributed to Buzz over the years, with links to their machines.


  The scene around Buzz.

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Editing this wiki

Everyone can contribute to this wiki, but because we are receiving the full brunt of the spam bot army, you'll need to contact me, JoaCHIP on EFnet or IRCnet to get a login. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Also, if you plan to make edits, please read Help:Contents first.
Check out the current To Do List to ask for additional help on expanding articles or see which articles need your help.

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http://jeskola.net/buzz/ Buzz download site
http://buzz.robotplanet.dk/ Buzz Plug-Ins also known as the new buzzmachines site
https://www7.atwiki.jp/buzzusers/ The japanese buzz wiki (as of Nov. 2016 - this link appears to not be permanent)
http://www.trackerwiki.org/ Tracker Wiki

To install the latest version of Jeskola Buzz, download it from[1]. The changelog can be found at[2].

Installing Jeskola Buzz for the first time

Download the installer at http://jeskola.net/buzz/, run the BuzzSetup*.exe, done.
Continue reading this manual for additional help.
First time users might want to read Configuring Buzz and Quickstart.
To install additional machines, consult the Machine Installation Guide.
Buzz in Linux

Updating from a previous build (2008 builds onwards only)

Download the installer and install to the same folder.
All your settings will be preserved (except for gear.xml, the installer asks if it can overwrite this file).

Updating from Old Buzz (pre 2008 builds, 1.2b)

This is for people still running the old buzz version 1.2b (for example the massive pack from buzzmachines.com).

  • Do NOT install the new version over the old one. The recommended way is to install to a new folder, in a new location. Copy your essential gear, from your old Buzz 1.2b install folder, over to the new one.
  • This is a good time to start fresh, think about which machines you REALLY need. Be sure to read the Essential Machines and Machine blacklist pages.
  • Do NOT use the old setup tricks and tweaks with new Buzz, such as running in compatibility mode, using the fixkit etc.. These setup tricks are obsolete in new Buzz 2008-2009. They were hacks and crude fixes that should never have been used in the first place. Please, only do it with the old 1.2b exe. If your new Buzz doesn't start, the most likely reason is that some .dll files from an old installation, are in the new install's directory.
  • You MUST ensure that all your effects and generators are placed in their correct locations. DO NOT put an effect into the generator folder and vice versa. You must ensure that there are no duplicate .dll files within your Gear/Generators or Gear/Effects folders.

Startup Problems

  • Make sure you used the installer and did not just copy the new .exe. Buzz needs the MSVC Redistributable and the installer makes sure it's installed.
  • Make sure .NET 3.5 is installed, some of the machines that load at startup need it.
  • Make sure you installed to a new folder.

Problems with individual Machines

  • Use depends.exe to find out if you lack one of the required .dll (such as MSVCRT 6 or 7) and install those.
  • Make sure you use the most up to date version of the machine.
  • Don't use machines listed in the Machine blacklist

Opening BMX files made with 1.2b in the new builds (and vice versa)

This should work, but remember that if you later add a machine or use a feature that requires the new builds (for example: PatternXP) they will most likely not work as intended in 1.2b. Once you make the jump to the new builds, it's unlikely you would want to go back to 1.2b tough. Also note that Jeskola Mixer is gone. (there is a dummy machine in its place that has no aux sends/eq)

Things related to the new Buzz Manual

Welcome to the Buzz Manual! This document contains all the necessary information you need to use Buzz successfully.


Installation Installing the latest version (and upgrading from previous versions)
Quickstart Tutorial to get you started with the basic concepts of Buzz
Configuring Buzz Explains all Preferences, Options and other settings of Buzz


Symbol Manual Key Description
Overview Get a short overview in Buzz.
Feature list Read about the new features, awaiting you, in Buzz.
Toolbar F2 Pattern View.png Pattern View F2 Where you write musical patterns for the loaded machines.
Toolbar F3 Machine View.png Machine View F3 Where you add and connect you'r machines to the master output device.
Toolbar F4 Sequence View.png Sequence View F4 Where you sort and order you'r patterns into a own buzz-track.
Toolbar F9 Wavetable.png Wavetable F9 Where you load you'r wave samples into.
Toolbar F10 Blah Blah.png Text Window F10 Where you can make blah blah.
Other Windows CPU Monitor, Debug Console, Hard Disk Recorder etc.
Shortcuts Shortcuts are hotkeys to control Buzz by different keys on you'r keyboard.
Machine Presets How to use machine presets to keep your machine settings.

Further information

Tips & Tricks

MIDI in Buzz

Essential Machines: It's recommended you use these machines. They are generally high-quality, tested and stable. Feel confident to use them in all your work. Currently (as of 29-07-2009), these machines are not included with the installer. You will need to download them from the links provided.

Machine blacklist: Buzz was a pioneer in the use of third-party plug-ins. Over the years, many developers and coders have contributed to the wealth of effects and generators we have today. Unfortunately, a few are flawed, buggy or just not up to the expected level of quality. Certain buggy machines can cause Buzz to slow down, glitch, or even crash. They must not be used by novice users. Experienced users should know better!

Converting from Impulse Tracker


History of Buzz