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Presets help recall sounds and effects you've come across throughout your daily slider tweaking. Machines sometimes come with presets, but you can also create and maintain your own presets.


Adding a new preset:

  • 1. Open the Preset dialog by Clicking the Edit button on any machine parameter dialog.
  • 2. Name your preset by typing a name in the empty text area in bottom left.
  • 3. Type any notes about the preset in the large text area on the right.
  • 4. Click the Add button. This is very important. If you do not click the Add button, your preset will not be saved.

Updating a preset:

  • Updating presets is accomplished through the same means as creating one, yet rather then creating a name (step 2 above), you simply select an existing preset from the list and click Update.
  • When you typed (or selected) an existing name in the name box, the 'Add' button will change into an 'Update' button.

Using randomization with presets:

  • 1. Click Edit.
  • 2. Choose randomization mode from the drop down menu.
  • 3. Adjust the slider for the amount of randomization.
  • 4. Click the lock icons for parameters you want left intact.
  • 5. Click apply.

Sharing presets:

Part of the fun of creating presets is sharing them. Presets are usually shared via [1] To import new presets, you will need to obtain machinename.prs.xml files (prior to Buzz build 1239, the file extension was .prs only). Each machine has its own presets file, which will always start with its name. Once you have gotten a hold of a .prs or .prs.xml file, follow these steps.

Importing new presets:
  • 1. Load the specific machine, open the parameter dialog.
  • 2. Click Edit on the parameter dialog, as if you were going to edit presets.
  • 3. Click Import, and select the file on your hard disk. For old preset files ending in .prs, choose "Old Preset Files" from the drop down box.

You will now have a new group of presets for that machine.

Warning: Another way to use new presets is to drop the .prs.xml file in the directory of the machine (either gear/effects or gear/generators.) You most likely do not want to do this. The problem is that it will overwrite any existing presets linked to that machine. It is always better to import presets instead.

Exporting existing presets:

Each machine in Buzz has one .prs.xml file associated with it, which is located in the same directory of the machine (either gear/effects or gear/generators). Simply copy or send this file where-ever you need.

Copying preset to clipboard:

Mouse-Right clicking on the parameter window of a machine will bring up an option to copy the preset as ASCII or XML to your clipboard.