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Machines usually come in the form of one or more .dll files and sometimes they contain additional files such as data, settings and documentation. They usually are packed in a zip. To install a new machine, unzip and move the files to the right directory inside your Buzz folder. By default, the Buzz folder is located in "C:\Program Files\Jeskola Buzz\", unless you changed it during installtion. Machines sometimes have special instructions on how to install them so check if there's a readme.txt or similar file.

  • For native Generators, move the files to "Gear\Generators\"
  • For native Effects, move the files to "Gear\Effects\"
  • For VSTi and VST, move the files to "Gear\VST\" (or wherever your VST folder is, the folder can be changed in Polac VST(i))

Download links and useful information:

Download more machines

The latest version of Buzz has a feature to download a big collection (around 30MB) of machines automatically, without having to mess with a ton of individual zip files. This feature is in the right hand sidebar, where the machine list is.

That download button sure looks appealing doesn't it?

Open the "More machines" tab. If you click the download button it will (you'll never guess) download the machine collection. As it says this is safe to do as they do not end up with your already installed machines.

Must download all the Buzz things!!

Once downloaded, wait a while for Buzz to unpack and index the new machines. Once that's done you can search for your favorites and use them by dragging them over to the machine view. In the bottom panel you see some extra info on the selected machine, which also tells you where the MDB folder is located (<userprofile>\Documents\Buzz\MDB).

Too many choices, too many freedoms.]