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A collection of machines suggested by experiences Buzz users, that don't come bundled with the installer and that are generally accepted to be the best-of-breed (or at least way above average, or somehow unique) and stable:




  • Polac VST gives you a superb VST wrapper and ASIO drivers.

External Tools

This previous link take you to a folder containing 70 drumkits, the installer for the Drumkit Manager 3, the PSI Drum2 generator for which the DKM3 was made. PSI Drum2 use drumkits. This tools lets you create your own drumkits with wav samples. You can have more than one sample by class of samples, by example you can put 5 different kicks in the Bass Drum class. See animation here : Mini how to.

You can use a drumkit in PSI Drum2 but this machine have the reputation of crashing Buzz. Anyway, you can use drumkits in the fantastic SampleGrid3. SampleGrid3 use Drumkits too, check this picture.

Also, you can reverse Drumkits to extract the wav samples from it if you want to use these samples in another machine that doesn't use drumkits. Check this picture