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#buzz on EFNet served many Buzzers and Musicians for their chatting needs. #buzz is NOT BuzzChurch for reasons that it isn't an internet forum, isn't dedicated for well-organized conversations regarding Buzz, yet is (most certainly) harder than a coffin nail.

A few things you need to know:

  • Do not assume that users in #buzz are Buzz Users, as we have plenty of musicians who work with other software.
  • Do not attempt to file bug reports in the chat, unless oskari is there, and he is interested/talking.
  • Do not assume that the conversation will be safe-for-work, family-friendly, or in any way appropriate for anyone.
  • Do not assume that the channel is your personal help-desk or software support. We do not sit there waiting to answer your question.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions - despite the crazy amounts of nonsense and dadaism, there's almost always someone who will answer it.
  • Above all, show up for the fun of it, and Buzz wisdom will follow.

How to get kick-banned 101:

  • Ask how to connect two Buzz Machines together or any other inane question that F1, BuzzChurch, old BuzzManual, or this here BuzzWiki can teach you in no time.
  • Get offended at something some of our more vocal users say and have a hissy-fit about it in the channel.
  • Pick fights. This includes arguing musical tastes, religious and political views, and whatever else.
  • Spam the channel with links to your music unless you've been invited to.
  • Do not exercise common sense or being evil in a particularly unfunny way.
  • Bug machine developers for things you shouldn't, like source code or algorithms.


Many a meme flies through #buzz, so if you're new to the internet, not good with computers, and love telling others that they're wrong on the internet, you're more than welcome to show up.