Adding skins to your machines

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By Oskari. Adding skins to your machines is quite easy. Just add these resources to your machine dll:

Resource type "name" description
Bitmap "skin" bitmap for the machine, size must be 100x50
Bitmap "skinled" "led on" patch bitmap (if not given, default led is used)
position skinledpos x and y coordinates inside skin bitmap for the led on bitmap (two bytes)
color "textcolor" machine name text color (3 bytes, RGB) (optional, defaults to black)
  • quotes ("") are important in the above names!
  • The panning bar goes from 2,38 to 97,47 inclusive. Make sure your skin design accounts for this
  • font is between y=20 and y=30

Some advices:

  • use 256 color bitmaps to save memory
  • led can be redrawn quite often so keep it small
  • if you want all your machines to use same bitmap, do not include same bitmap in each dll. instead create another dll and add following resource to your machine dlls:
Resource type "name" description
"asciiz" "skinref" name of skin dll (for example "Geonik's Skin.dll")

this dll should be installed to Buzz\Gear\Skins dir.